Should you?

You would think that sugar artistry is only for persons interested in cakes, but it’s so much more than that.

It’s a fantastic way to relax, sitting listening to music, and watching these amazing flowers being created from a piece of flower paste.

Speaking about flower paste, why do you think it’s called gum paste? I find that term so inappropriate for this fantastic medium. Flower paste or petal paste are so much better.lily

I did those flowers a few years ago, with Lesley Herbert, at Barking College.  She is so amazingly talented, it was a privilege to be tutored by her. Up to today it still remains one of my favourite pieces.


The flowers above were done for a co-worker. It was such a joy working on these.

So back to the question – Should you?

I think you should.


Re-building takes time and work. I am working to get hmcakes back up and running, focusing on flowers, cakes and classes. These continue to be my passion, along with rearing butterflies and gardening.

I am still wondering why I am offering buttercream cakes. For me that is a backwards step, yet so many people seem to prefer it to ganache. I just don’t get it. There is no comparison between butter cream (which is really margarine cream) and good quality ganache. None. There are health benefits to chocolate, none to eating that amount of sugar.

People need to become aware of what is being offered, especially when it’s margarine and icing sugar. No, no, no.

Let me ask you something- Would you spread Cookeen on bread and eat it?  No, you would not. So why are you using magarine? Next time you go to the grocery, check the Cookeen label, it’s now labelled as “magarine” not “shortening”. I noticed this a few years ago. So the way I see it, all they did was to add some colour to what we know as shortening.

So back to my decision on ganache. I prefer it to buttercream. Now, it’s up to you to give it a try.

Be adventurous!!! Expand your palate.